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A recent meeting with Senior NCO's at a Navel Air Station confirmed that 100% of the Pilots complained about poor visibility. It is a fact that more fixed wing aircraft windows and helicopter windshields have reduced visibility over time due to improper care than all other causes combined. This unfortunate scenario can easily be avoided through the use of proper training and the use of the proper chemicals and materials.

Aircraft windows are made of many different materials, from acrylic plexiglass to specialty bulletproof glass. What they have in common is they are all extremely expensive and mission critical. This is why it is imperative that operators, pilots, mechanics and maintenance personnel have the proper cleaning products, supplies and techniques for cleaning these critical components.


AV-WIPE is the most cost-effective way to safely clean aircraft windows. Due to our relationship with the factory and lack of multiple distribution costs, we can provide you with the highest quality precision cleaning and drying wipes on the market for significantly less cost.  All products are durable, long lasting and reusable.


 AV-WIPES are lint free and made from top quality resins, made in the USA.



Please have a look at our price list for ordering instructions.  If you think that AV-WIPE is the perfect solution for your aircraft window cleaning needs, please Contact Us.

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We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard